Cours of Increasing Canyoneering knowledge

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Professional and continuous canyoneering in Iran may be less than 10 years. After the efforts of enthusiasts in this sport with training courses by American Canyoneering Academy and attended Richard Carrion as a lecturer as well as seminar and conferences and increasing knowledge in three periods, this sport well received the credit and importance of public opinion and mountaineers and this idea was developed further that canyoneering is a professional sport.

With the efforts of interested friends, Canyoneering Department of Mountaineering Federation was established in less than two years ago! Codification and compilation of canyoneering educational lesson plan, holding 14 introductory conyoneering course, seminar about safety of crowded valley, …

In this regard, communication between Canyoneering Department of Mountaineering Federation and French Caving Federation were created. The outcome of this correspondence and efforts was that the second canyoneering seminar in April 1395 with attended of Caving and Canyoneering Federation of France.
It is hoped that with the support of Iran canyoneers, the actual position of this sport reach the desired shape and serious and professional approach to be created to this beautiful and exciting sport.

Brief  Resume of the French Participants:

EFC: Ecole Francaise de Canyon=French Canyoning School
FFS: Federation Francaise de Speleologie=French Speleology Federation
IAAC: International Amateur Association of Canyoning

1. Bertrand LAURENT Canyon instructor 49 old, I practice since 1995 and have been working for EFC and FFS since 2004 on Course organization.  I was responsible of training organization for EFC last 4 years. I worked for international training in Nepal and Croatian

2. Laurence, 39, architect but currently traveling around the world
started canyoneering  in 1998, initiator in 2004,monitor in 2008
instructor with FFME (mountain federation) in 2010.trainee instructor with EFC – FFS since of the central Switzerland guide book in 2015.I did approx 600 canyons in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal (Madeira Island), Switzerland, USA, and the French Islands of Réunion and Tahiti. I also practice caving (including rescue), ski touring, cycling and climbing

3. Patrice Tordjman is 52 years old. He began speleology in 1976 and canyoning in 1979. In the eighties, he was one of the creators of the first canyoning team inside the French Federation of Speleology (FFS). In 1988, he was one of the first 12 FFS canyoning instructors and organised many courses in different French regions and Canada. From 1979, he visited many canyons in different countries :  Spain, Italy, Madeira, Mexico, Lebanon, Greece, Morocco, Slovenia.  Since one year, he lives in the Franc , Indian Ocean island Reunion, one of the best place for canyoning in the world. Patrice has written several books about canyoning.

4. Jeanlouis Giardino, instructor since 2006, current president of the EFC.I organized many courses in France ,Spain or Greece. I also practiced in several countries (Spain ,Italy ,Switzerland, Nepal , Caboverde, Madeira,USA Portugal, Greece, Dominique Island, Mauritius …) and I’m one of the creator of the IAAC

5. William CAYET, 39 , 1999 first canyon 2001 Monitor canyon EFC 2003 Initiator Spéléo EFS 2006  professional  guide Canyon Spéléo  2014 Instructor Canyon EFC

6. Jean Marc Garcia, Instructor canyon, monitor speleo. In the south of France, he is in charge of Speleo Secours Français (organisation who does all the rescues in caves in France)

7. Krys  Durand ,monitor

8. Fred Aloues ,monitor

9. Philippe Rico ,monitor
they all have done a lot of canyons in several countries (France, Italy ,Greece, Spain, Portugal, Madeira and Azores, Switzerland ,Slovenia, Nepal ,Caboverde, Canary island ,reunion island, Martinica …)and participate  in many training courses

10. Jackie Giardino,Veronique Vassal(nurse) et Odile Silvy (nurse)are initiators; according to EFC rules, they can lead beginners in easy canyons, and help the monitors in others canyons

Mohammadreza Ahmadian
Translator: Parisa Hosseinzadeh

مجموعه دره و دره نوردی ایران با هدف گسترش دانش فنی و ارتقا سطح علمی ورزش دره نوردی با همکاری فدراسیون دره نوردی ایران با تلاش متخصصان این رشته فعالیت خود را در سال 1385 آغاز نموده است .

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