Cours of Increasing Canyoneering knowledge

Professional and continuous canyoneering in Iran may be less than 10 years. After the efforts of enthusiasts in this sport with training courses by American Canyoneering Academy and attended Richard Carrion as a lecturer as well as seminar and conferences and increasing knowledge in three periods, this sport well received the credit and importance of […]

Day of clean canyons

Regarding the consensus which was made between environment partisans and canyoneers the first Friday in Mehr (around 23th to 29th September) was called ” the day of clean canyons” annually So we are going to plan and execute some programs and projects to clean Iran’s Canyon of trashes In this regard some broadcasts and advertisements […]

The history of canyoneering in Iran

Entrance to the arduous canyons from years ago with different aims such as military use, or access to the sources of water and food…. has been done in a variety of forms. For instance, in some impenetrable castles, these canyons were used to take water or for a way to escape or pass. Among these […]